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What is TinyML and Augmented AI?

The world of machine learning, science technology, and product development have experienced new emerging technologies. TinyML and Augmented AI are believed to be the future of further technologies. Professionals believe that humans should not fear that these technologies will threaten our existence but understand that they are here to help us discover and learn new things.

Tiny machine learning, also known as TinyML is a very new software technology that focuses on making computing less expensive and more opportunities. The software is the missing piece that was needed to link edge hardware and device intelligence. While TinyML enables edge processing in the most efficient way it also focuses on deep digital learning.

There are two main aspects of TinyML that has made the software easy to manage for many people. Arduino is an open-source software that allows users to create interactive electronic objects. Since the hardware is easily accessible, millions of developers have access to TinyML. There is also Edge Impulse that allows developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions. This turns Arduino into an embedded machine learning platform. TinyML represents a collaborative effort between the embedded low power systems and machine learning communities. Traditionally, this has operated largely independently but this newer software has opened opportunities for those who may not have had the money to do so.

Augmented AI is a component of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on AI’s assistive role. The term AI serves as an umbrella for technologies and platforms that use machine learning and deep technology. Augmented AI focuses on cognitive technology designed to enhance human intelligence instead of replacing it. Similar to TinyML, augmented intelligence focuses on machine learning and deep learning algorithms to discover new information and solve problems.

The term augmented, which means to improve was used to help people understand that this AI software was created to improve the products and services humans use, and not replace them. Humans and machines working together benefit both parties. As the machines grow smarter and more productive, the human’s workload is streamlined. By having humans guide the learning process the machines learn and adjust their models faster than intelligence tools with no assistance from a human.

Technologies are changing around us all the time. As they begin to emerge it’s important to understand what sets them apart from others.


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