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The Role of AI in Business Applications and Operations

AI’s benefit in customer support

When you think about AI’s role in business operations, one of the main things that you may think of is the ability for AI to center around customer support. Chatbots, for example, is one of the best ways that AI can give a more customer-centric experience. With its use of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, chatbots quickly learn how to respond to customers’ requests accurately. Chatbots give a better customer experience at a faster pace and at a lower cost than humans can.

AI use in targeted marketing

Businesses such as online retailers use artificial intelligence to track users’ buying patterns to be able to ascertain how they can market the right products to the customer. By tracking their buying behavior, AI can go about predicting their next purchase and advertise the product they may want or need. It can be a big help in promoting goods or services. 

AI’s benefit in the management

Organizations everywhere are beginning to use artificial intelligence to improve the management of their supply chains. Through machine learning algorithms, businesses can begin to try and predict what products will be needed and even go so far as to predict the best time to move supplies. This allows companies to create better supply chains that are efficient and cost-effective by working to eliminate the risk of overstocking or running out of popular products. 

AI’s role in quality control

Businesses have used a form of artificial intelligence called machine vision for years. Through advancements in AI, they can add quality control software to help them keep track of protecting and improving the speed and accuracy of quality control functions. All of this can be done while keeping costs in check, while AI software is constantly learning what the best quality control means to the business it works for.  Artificial intelligence has had many uses in business operations. From customer support to quality assurance, AI and businesses alike are constantly learning how to create the best environment for businesses.


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