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Team Building Activities for Your Work From Home Team

Sitting in front of a computer talking about business isn't the most relaxing of things to do with your staff, but it's understandably necessary. However, this doesn't mean you can't mix things up and attempt to make the situation a little better. Having virtual breaks is a great way to break the business talk for just a bit and have friendly conversations. Ask your staff to recommend their favorite Netflix movies or books if that is your thing. Doing this can truly help your staff relax for a bit and create a friendly conversation.

Set up Mandatory Check-Ins

When working from home, it can be easy to do your own thing. This often leaves many to fend for themselves, which then causes an increase in office negativity. The very best way to eliminate this issue is to ask everyone to check-in every single day about what they're doing and when they are free for virtual meetings. This way, everyone is in the loop, and nobody feels like they're doing all the work themselves. You may have an editable Google Doc to ensure that everyone is on the same page about projects.

Celebrate the Wins

Just because you can't get everyone in the break room for a birthday celebration or project success doesn't mean you shouldn't have them anyway. Take time to celebrate these wins with your staff members. If it's someone's birthday, then you could always ship a small cake to their home and have everyone sing for them. Recognize and congratulate a team member that went above and beyond during the workweek. These little things help to create a better situation for everyone during these challenging times.


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