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How is AI Changing Business Operations?

Customer Service

Customers today require a more holistic approach and surprisingly enough AI can help businesses create personalized customer experiences. Artificial intelligence has the ability to adapt and react to all of the various touch-points a customer has with a brand and determine what motivates a customers’ behavior. In addition, AI helps organizations by gathering data so that they will be able to understand and predict customer needs. Utilizing AI in customer service not only helps customers get immediate responses but also eases some of the burden given to online support teams.  

Automating Repetitive Tasks

There are still many people today who question whether people will lose their jobs to AI or not. However, there have been many new jobs that have been created as a result of the AI revolution. Many argue that AI may make creative careers more feasible as they begin to take over mundane tasks. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence is still a developing technology and still relies very much on human input to do its job. 

Enhancing Human Capabilities

Artificial intelligence offers great potential in terms of boosting engagement and retention. AI has become an effective educational tool for people, since artificial intelligence can quickly adapt to the input of each user, creating a more personalized educational experience.


Contrary to popular belief, errors by humans are actually the cause of many cybersecurity attacks.  AI actually has the capability to filter out any potentially harmful links, spam, and phishing emails before they can be viewed and opened by an unsuspecting employee or user.


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