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How Good Leaders Problem Solve

Communicate Openly

Great leaders are universally known as good communicators. They communicate clearly and concisely in a way that their people understand. They take time to explain their plans and objectives to those around them so their followers can understand what is expected of them.

Take initiative

Great leaders don't wait for others to work on a problem. They take decisive action and solve problems themselves. They may do so in the best manner for them, whether that means delegating to their team members or taking personal responsibility for the outcome.

Analyze Problem Areas

Great leaders know that one of the greatest assets they have is their team members. They take it upon themselves to examine areas where problems with their organization may exist and run ideas past those under them.

Find Solutions

Great leaders are not afraid to try new things. They know that sometimes the best solutions come from innovative thinking and the creative ideas of their people. They actively work with their team members to find answers.

Don't Be Afraid to Make a Mistake

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. They represent the way a great leader thinks and chooses to act. They are not afraid of making mistakes; instead, they realize that learning from mistakes and adjusting accordingly separates them from the competition.

Always Have a Strategy of Action

Great leaders remain active in all areas of their organization. They are always searching for new ways to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

A Strong Foundational Plan

Great leaders are always working towards a goal, but they spend time developing the foundational plan to help achieve that goal. They make decisions today that will lead them to their future goals.

Make Their Directions Clear

Great leaders share their vision with their team members in the most straightforward way possible. They take time to model how decisions are made and what is expected of them in the future.


Great leaders are not perfect. They make mistakes. The difference is that they aren't afraid to admit to them and learn from them. They give their team members the tools and resources they need to succeed.


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