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5 Uses of Blockchain in Business

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is all about tracking products from when they are produced to when they reach their destination. With blockchain, companies can ensure that quality control procedures are followed along the way. Everything from materials, manufacturing processes, and last-mile delivery can be identified and tracked with blockchain technology.

Coordinating With Other Business

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with social media as they spend a lot of time on it but hate how much of their privacy they need to give up to use it. Rather than giving up on social media, businesses should look for ways to make it work for them. An excellent way to do this is by setting up a private blockchain that other companies can connect with and track their products as they travel from vendor to vendor.

Paperwork and Record-Keeping

With blockchain, businesses can cut out filing cabinets and paper records. Instead of filing documents and sharing them with third parties, companies can simply upload information to the blockchain, which will allow them to be tracked and referenced.

Transaction Histories

When you purchase a used car, there is always a risk of fraud. The blockchain can be used to create a digital history of the car's movements and repairs so that potential buyers can know if it has been driven off-road or has had any accidents.

Decentralized Data Storage

Data centers are increasingly overcrowded as more and more information needs to be stored. With blockchain technology, data storage is decentralized; the data doesn't have to live in one central location where it can be easily hacked or stolen. Rather than storing data on individual servers, it is now stored on hundreds of thousands of private, encrypted ledgers that everyone can access at any time.


These are just a few ways that the blockchain can help your business. Blockchain technology is still being developed, so it should be interesting to see where it goes from here.


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