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4 Tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Team Remotely

Set Up Communication Guidelines

For effective communication with a remote team, guidelines are essential. Precise guidelines give the team a clear message on what should be done at a particular time and how to go about it. Guidelines could indicate that Slack can be used for chatting, and email for official communication. The guidelines can point out what language to be used for communication and that messages should be sent during working hours.

Use Simple Language to Communicate

When communicating with a team remotely, use simple and direct words. Using the right words to pass a message to a team member reduces misinterpretation and time lost trying to respond. Therefore, for someone to qualify for a remote team member, they should have quality writing skills. Active language and triple checking what has been written should be done before sending an official message.

Think Critically

Before sending an official message to a team member remotely, the person receiving the message should be considered. Different people convey messages differently; therefore, it is crucial to learn how each team member communicates and adapts to their style. Asking for feedback is a smart way of knowing if the message was received as intended.

Creating An Office Hangout Culture Online

If the team entirely operates remotely, it can get boring. Members of the team might be having a hard time communicating due to a lack of an emotional connection. Employees could hang out after work online to have random chats over coffee or play games virtually. Celebrations and happy hour will make the members feel valued and increase productivity. For a team to work effectively remotely, proper skills and tools should be employed. An organization can incorporate some technological tools to ease communication among the team members.


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