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The Best Personal Wellness Trackers

FitBit Charge

5FitBit is a company that is known for making trackers. When they launched FitBit Ionic in 2017, they had something new to offer with their FitBit Charge 5. This is a smartwatch that follows up on their previous models. With the FitBit Charge 5, one is able to set goals and see how many steps we take each day. The automatic sleep tracking features on this tracker also allow an individual to see when they are getting quality rest. The tracker can also integrate with the user's smartphone and figure out where the person has been through their GPS.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

This newer version of the Vivosmart tracking device is a little more advanced than its predecessor. The tracker can track food intake, heart rate, and has VO2 max estimates once the person starts working out. The HR sensor is stainless steel, which allows for better accuracy when reading this vital information. The tracker has four different color options to choose from, which are red, yellow, lime green, and blue.

Fitbit Charge 2

This is a basic tracker that one can pick out at the drugstore. This particular version works with a wireless sync charger so that one will be able to charge the device while they are on the go. The tracker can be locked into position as a keychain or ring band and is small enough to wear in a pocket or bra. The device can track the daily steps and has a vibrating alarm if it goes to sleep.

Fitbit Flex 2

Another basic tracker, this one is very compact, but works with a wireless sync charger as well. It can also be locked into position and tags your wrist to see how many steps you have taken throughout your day. The tracker has two different exercise modes that you can use to keep track of your heart rate and calories burned throughout your activity.

Alpinemed H10

This GPS watch is something that more serious athletes can use. It can be paired with a chest strap to get continuous heart rate readings. The watch syncs with a smartphone app to allow the user to keep track of their workouts. An individual will be able to set goals and see how they are doing throughout their workout by looking at the screen on the device.


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